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1 How much do images & animations cost?

Each project is different, we will therefore require some initial information to assess and return the optimal costing for your project. Images can start at £500 but are usually within the £1000 to £2000 range. AnImations are more complex and require more time and resources to produce. They can start at £1500 for a very basic movie but tend to average between £2500 and £7,500+. For cost suggestions, please download one of the guides above.

2 How long do images take to produce?

Each project is different and we will provide an exact production schedule once we have assessed your project. As a rule of thumb, still images are usually 3 to 5 days per image however, if there are multiple images, we produce all of them simultaneously so that you are provided with a steady flow of progress.

3 How long does an animations take to produce?

Animations are a larger undertaking and require pre-planning to guarantee a successful outcome. On average we would suggest 2 to 5 weeks based on experience. A thorough analysis of your project will reveal the exact time required.

4 What information do I need to send for a quote?

The purpose for the imagery/animations for example, planning submission, marketing/sales, design exploration, ecommerce etc.. This helps immensely when assessing a project.

Drawings - preferably in Autocad format. PDF’s are fine for quoting but Autocad drawings are required for production.

3D Model - where available. SketchUp is the most common format but any will be fine

Timeframe - when you need the finalised media. We usually build in a buffer so that your deadline is safe. We have never missed a deadline, ever.

5 Could you outline your production process?

Following the instruction to proceed we will create the 3D model and provide draft viewpoints for you to choose. The model will be detailed and photorealistic textures & lighting will be applied. Following a review of the imagery, you will send all comments and we will finalise the imagery picking up any small points prior to delivery.


6 What if I have small areas of the design which aren’t resolved, will that be an issue?

No. If you are refining small areas of the design with the majority completed then no. Please tell us at the outset of the project so that it’s a known issue and can be planned for. Some 3D companies rely on design changes as standard to increase their revenue - we don’t do that.

7 What if I have large areas of the design which aren’t resolved, will that be an issue?

No. If you tell us at the outset we will be able to factor this into our quote and advise you appropriately. Again, some 3D companies rely on design changes to increase their revenue as standard - we don’t do that.

8 What if I change the design during the project, will that be an issue?

Yes and no. It depends on how extensive those changes are and whether it affects the pre-agreed time frame and cost as presented in the agreed quote. By all means, provide us with any changes and we will open a discussion to best approach them, please be aware that we have to cover our costs to guarantee a professional product and some minimal charges may be applied.

9 Are there ways to keep costs as low as possible?

Yes. Ask us and we will work with you to provide options which will maintain the visual aesthetic but at the very best costs. This will take pre-planning and will also require a fixed design and prompt return of comments.

10 Do you do other types of 3D media?

Yes, lots. This includes TV commercials, VFX (Visual Effects) for the TV and film industries. Virtual reality for specific projects including amusement park rides. Digital displays which is a new area we are developing and prospectively look to roll this out later in 2019 early 2020.

11 Do you do provide enhancements for return clients?

Yes. The majority of our clients return to us which we are very proud of. We provide a range of enhancements which are detailed in our downloadable guides above.